Your website deserves the best

It’s not a secret, consumers live on the internet.

We carry around computers in the palms of our hands and spend hours in front of screens. Because of this, it’s more important than ever for your brand to be present on digital platforms in order to grow your audience and relevance.

Too often there is a disconnect between brands and their target audience–providing a digital page for your consumers to have direct contact with your brand creates clear communication and a direct access to your brand. Through the noise of social media, it’s essential to give consumers a direct pathway to interact with your brand.

Having a well-designed website provides so many benefits for a brand. A well-designed and high-functioning website will invite your consumers to interact with your brand on a direct level. Whether it’s the point of sale, where the first glimpse of your true brand identity is exchanged or the platform of which you get to unleash your brand story. Your website could be the component you need to create a long-lasting impression with your audience.

Achieving an attractive brand reputation isn’t easy, a brand needs to be very intentional, disciplined and thoughtful when designing every touchpoint. Think of your website as a canvas that’s painted with a picture that perfectly encompasses your brand voice and purpose. You want your target audience to look at this canvas feel at ease, you want them to come back and take another look and to tell their friends about it.

Your website deserves the best

Why Content is Key

– It is important to communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it

– Give your customers a place to do their research so you aren’t answering the same questions about what you have to offer

– For SEO, keywords (can link to the SEO blog when its done)

– Internal Links, help connect your material to more detailed information elsewhere on your website

– Quality over Quantity, being able to write something in a couple of sentences over a full 8-page, MLA format essay is going to be more enticing to read

– What if I don’t have time to write content? Link to contact us, we can get them a quote.

Why is SEO Important

– SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You have probably heard SEO tossed around as something you need to do for your website.

– SEO is best set up by understanding your brand and keywords

– Using SEO tools, we determine the best chances of keyword strategy by examining the searches of your target market. Once we finish our research, the optimization process begins.

– With the proper code in place, we analyze and tweak content to achieve keyword density. This process does take time, as every page is done individually, but with improved keyword density comes better results.