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Slaying the Naming, Logo Design and Branding Identity Game OR Brand Identity Has Never Been More Important

According to the embedded tweet, over 8,000 storefronts will close their doors in 2019. 8,000! Think about the time for each of those storefronts to open. We can ballpark it and say each one took 6 months, and that’s certainly not including the initial planning, the failing, the fits and starts to even get to the Let’s open the storefront! phase.

And now they’re closing.


8,000 stores taking at least 6 months to open their doors equals an estimated – actually, we don’t really do math here – so we’ll say a boatload of blood, sweat and tears.


Omitting some deeper digs into the economic climate and potentially rounding some corners, we can likely agree many storefronts are struggling.

So what’s thriving? Webfronts.

Your web presence and the content within it have never been more important. What you’re saying on the interwebs is your first, second, eleventh, and 8000th impression, and it matters. At Sovic Creative Marketing Agency, our expertise in laying the proper foundation for a stellar web rap runs deep. One could argue it all starts in a name.

What’s in a name?

Another boatload. We love this article on the art of naming, and we agree in best case scenarios the horse cannot come before the cart. Your name sets the stage for your entire business. You’ve heard of the name game, but at Sovic we crush the naming game.

If your name sets the stage, your logo is the marquee, and your brand strategy is the cast and crew.

Our creative wizards live and breathe logo design and good branding until we’ve got a cohesive, often clever, always clear message to send to the world. Your brand identity and easily identifiable message cannot be lost in the land of distraction we inhabit. We clear the mechanism (name that movie) by building your brand to prove you’re the expert consumer minds can trust. With hard and fast brand guidelines, we help you develop a professional brand to make a cohesive, well-received brand stand.

How do we prove you’re the expert?

Content, baby. Content is King. When you peruse a website in this age of instant gratification and desire for authenticity (it’s a walking contradiction, but we embrace it) you’re almost immediately in or out on a business. If the content isn’t up to snuff, you’re more likely to x-out. As your branding agency and content curator, we create a brand ensuring everything placed in your space on the internet speaks your market’s language while sending your message.


Backing up a few steps, think about your first action when you’re on the hunt for a particular service or product. You might ask some friends, but you’ll most certainly get your Google on while simultaneously nodding and half-listening. What pops up on that Google search heavily influences where you click. At Sovic Creative, we guarantee the content surrounding your client’s search is so enticing (without being off-putting or cheeseball), your customer cannot help but follow the link. From there, we ensure your website is the sturdy easel displaying your message artfully and effectively. All of these tactics influence your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with content being the most important means of control. The art of the web presence game touting your specific products or services should not be your concern, it should be ours.


In sum: naming, logo design, developing a strong brand, content creation and SEO all work hand in hand, and at Sovic Creative, we know how to make your customers play Red Rover, Red Rover.

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