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Defender Outdoors is one of the leading online firearm retailers, but beyond that, the Fort Worth-based brand has established itself as the largest shooting range and firearm retail store in North Texas. Defender Outdoors has grown tremendously since the first time they teamed up with Sovic Designs in 2013.


Defender Outdoors

Creative Range

Our process began with a brand identity and face-lift to pair with the opening of Defender’s new facility and online retail platform. As the shooting center was laying down a brick and mortar, our team created a fully functioning website with e-commerce and inventory management capabilities, as well as plenty of bells and whistles to enhance the user experience and overall brand message. In addition, Sovic planned and implemented marketing and PR campaigns leading up to the opening of the store and the launch of the site.

Functional Web Design

Before working with us, the Defender Outdoors web presence was static. The goal was to grow their online presence in order to keep up with the demand for their customers. Our main focus was to create a fluid and clean interface, followed by the task of designing a platform that would integrate with their hefty inventory software. The biggest challenge for this website was truly mapping the entire structure and creating an organic user path on everything from searches, to product pages, to the checkout process.

Target Practice  

The firearm industry spans a wide range of cultures as firearms are used in a variety of circumstances, between, hunting, sport-shooting, law enforcement and home protection. For this reason, there are several aspects of which to be mindful. Our team spent time researching each market segment, studying traditional styles and practices of firearm enthusiasts along with the common corresponding imagery that is associated with each group. From the results, we created a unique footprint for Defender to function under for all their materials and formats (digital & print).

Creating a foundation for success  

Upon completing our discovery process of Defender Outdoors’ market, we set new rules for brand presentation. Every email campaign, print publication, billboard, vehicle wrap, or TV commercial is now consistently branded with a new color palette, font package, and updated logo. Once these pieces were put in motion, it was a turn-key process to delegate various tasks that included branded material, including the interior design of the retail space.

About the center

With the Defender Outdoors Shooting Range having many opportunities for corporate companies or individuals, it was important for Defender to have some printed information to pass out to anyone who was interested. Our focus was to deliver the facts simply, so anyone could know what Defender had to offer.