Let there be Office Dogs

And lint rollers…

If you have ever visited our office, you’ve most likely been greeted by our four-legged employees, Linus and Gunner. We might just seem like crazy dog people, but there is a method to the madness on why we love having our pups with us during the work day.

Studies have found that having dogs as co-workers improves employee satisfaction and reduces stress. A business professor at Virginia Commonwealth University did a study to analyze the effect of dogs on stress levels at work. Their results showed that not only do dogs help reduce stress and increase the overall mood, they also have a positive effect on productivity. Sometimes the best ideas come from taking a break to play fetch with our loyal, furry friends!

Let there be Office Dogs
Let there be Office Dogs

While our dogs are not great at designing or marketing, they do excel in other areas (like learning to make the perfect pour-over). Their personalities provide genuine laughter. Gunner will do everything within his power to trick you into taking him outside to play and Linus spends the majority of his day basking in the sunlight. We are lucky that they love coming to the office as much as we do!

So even if you aren’t a dog person (cat people, we still love you), we hope a visit to our office helps boost your mood and level out your stress.

Want to read more about the study? Check out this link:

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