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We value creativity in
every step of the process,

not just the end result.

We are dedicated to finding solutions that are driven by our creative nature.
Our strengths lie in our ability to find the points at which our unique and diverse experiences intersect.
We love what we do.

Our Team

Our purpose

Designing experiences to empower and elevate brands by deploying a culture of creativity and trust-based relationships.

Luiz is the Owner and art director of Sovic Creative

Luiz Baptista

Art Director

Dixie is the owner and marketing director of sovic creative

Dixie Baker

Marketing Director

graphic designer at sovic creative

Jamie Kenston



Our Approach

We thrive on cultivating culture and relationships.


We think of ourselves as partners with our clients and thus, take the time to align perspectives and understand their mission. We work alongside our clients from start to finish as their business grows.

Global Thought

Not only are we literally from different corners of the world, we think globally with our strategies and solutions. Sovic is the crossroads where all of our diverse experiences intersect and we attribute our well-roundedness to our combined individual perspectives, giving us a larger creative wingspan.


We believe in working smarter, not harder. Our strong work/life balance keeps us sharp and inspired to meet deadlines and efficiently deliver the best quality service.


We employ an intentional process that maximizes our clients’ budget and timeline, all while keeping a humble attitude towards learning their culture. We were founded under the philosophy that our success only comes from aligning our objectives with those of our clients’.

Work to live,
not live to work.


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Mi casa es su casa

We want to get to know you–let’s get something on the calendar! Come in to meet the team, pet the dogs, have a cup of coffee and see us in our creative habitat.

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